My biggest desire for this blog is to be vulnerable and relatable.
As you read this post, I hope you can relate and leave encouraged.

Before starting this blog I honestly was hesitant because thoughts in my head would say: 
"your not good enough"
"your pictures are not good enough"
"you don't have expensive equipment"
"there are better bloggers"
"you don't have enough followers"
"no one cares what you have to say"
 and the list goes on and on...

But one day... God reminded me, 

it's not about being the "best" 
It's about being your true self
It doesn't matter how many followers you have, its about you believing in your dreams and building relationships with others who believe in you.
If I can just encourage one person... then it's worth it.

We have to let go of of insecurities and caring what other people might think of us to really live a life of purpose and fulfillment.

People might not understand what God has specially called you to, and that is okay. 

He placed it in your heart for a reason.
I want you to know that your voice matters.
I want you to be encouraged to share your story. Whatever that looks like for you.

I just want to remind us to not compare ourselves with anyone else. It's so easy in a society that try's to sculpt us into what it thinks we should be and look like instead of who God created us to be. 

We all have something different that we bring to the table and we need each other. 
We can not flourish alone. Only when we are being ourselves and come together can we build something beautiful. 
So remember next time those thoughts come back... because they will, remind yourself that you are good enough, you do have a voice, you do have a purpose and you do have something to offer this world. 

So ask yourself, what is that purpose?
What's your why? What is driving you? 

What's stopping you from being yourself?

Have you given up on your dreams? 

When you start to get honest with yourself and see what's hindering you from being who God has created you to be, everything begins to change... starting with you, ending with the world.