Hey Lovelies,
did you know that only 10 toxic ingredients are banned in America while 1,300+ are banned in Europe. That's crazy right?

Well, I wanted to share some of my journey with you and what brought me to this green beauty revolution.

If you have been following me on social media for sometime you know I am always posting about natural makeup and skincare.

But maybe you don't know why I made the switch to green beauty products?

I use to not know anything about chemicals being in my beauty products, it wasn't until I got really sick that this journey began...

It all started when I was getting bloated (I would literally look 6 months pregnant) 

On top of the bloating, I was tired, depressed and struggling with cystic acne and rosacea.

I even went to a dermatologist and he didn't tell me much besides wanting to give me creams and medicine but I knew it had to be something deeper because it wasn't just my skin acting up.  It felt like my whole body was shutting down on me. I needed answers!

I went on a journey , seeking God to show me what was wrong with my body.

I would pray for healing and it didn't happen overnight and I became mad at God honestly. I knew he was capable of healing me in a instant, but he showed me how much more he loved me.

He showed me wisdom on what I was putting into my body with my makeup and beauty products.

God  showed me my unhealthy eating, and thinking habits that were the root cause of the sickness.He revealed to me that  if I didn't change my lifestyle, the sickness would of came back.

I began  doing research and learned that  gluten , sugar and dairy could cause bloating, fatigue, depression and even breakouts.

I didn't know anything about eating .healthy so I started off small and simple.

If you would of just seen my meals then.. yeah I didn't know how to cook healthy and it was gross.

I was at a point in my life to try anything though, I cleaned up my diet for only my skin to get worst...

See, my skin was doing a lot of detoxing from all the chemicals I had ate and used for 19 years.. I had to be patient.

With much prayer and a holistic doctor I found some answers.

I found out I had candida (candida is yeast overgrowth that cause a number of horrible symptoms)

Yeast overgrowth happens when we eat too many sugars, processed carbs and live stressful lives.

I begin doing cleanses with much prayer for God to heal my heart and insecurities.

After getting my diet on the right tract, she suggested I should also go all natural in my home.

May I remind you all of this was a foreign language to a girl who use to eat fries and cake every chance she could and wear Estée Lauder double wear foundation.

If there is hope for me to change my lifestyle, there is hope for anyone to change. 

It wasn't easy, I struggled the most in my mind because I was addicted to sugar.

(Post to come on my food struggle soon)

I didn't change my habits until something was wrong,  so my hope is to help others in bringing truth of what's in our food and beauty products.

Most people are just unaware, like I was.

Don't wait until something is wrong with your body, like I did.

We only get one body, treat it with the best care because you are so worth it.

I'm thankful that I went through that sickness because it brought me to where I am now, sharing my journey with you, in hopes to help others who are struggling with the same things I have dealt with.

My skin still isn't perfect and I do get breakouts if I'm stressed, ovulating or if I eat something unhealthy.

The goal isn't perfection, the goal is to be healthy, inside and out.

I no longer get bloated.

I now have energy and joy to do what God has called me to do.

This is why it is so important for me to feed my body with Whole Foods.

This is why I am always posting about healthy food, fitness and green beauty.

If I don't live a healthy lifestyle, my whole body reacts and I'm not the same person. 

I want to start sharing more of my journey in hopes that it helps someone because I know I needed guidance in this switch to a healthy  lifestyle.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or send me an email. I would love to hear from you.